about me hii im mimi or chica, she/they & neos minor sapphiv lesbian fawn bunny

lovi teddy bears, girls, pink, fashion, makeup, lipgloss, cookies,⸜(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )⸝♡ kpop, milkshakes, shows

socials apple music twt twitter pin insta

b4 u follow! im mostly on girly/archive twt but I do tweet abt my life, gatekeepers/weirdos dni , ~
byf i prefer tl over dms, im a minor, i dont condone problamatic things my favs have done, ifb very selectively

don't follow if anti any of my favs, invalidate neopronouns

playlist csr, yukika, lovelyz, ACO, brown eyed girls, alice, ive

movies htgawm, girl,interrupted, gilmore girls, criminal minds˙ෆ

others flo, vybz kartel, shenseea, pink pantheress, beyonce, ariana grande, madison beer ~♡︎